Gwizzz,  (pronounced G Wiz), is an underground MC from Petersburg, Virginia (a city outside of Richond, Va). Garon became interested with music by playing the piano at the age of 5. He soon would be inspired by rappers, (in witch were relevant at the time) DMX and Naz to name a few. He works to make a name for his self, team, and independent record label that he named, EXO in the music industry while inspiring others along the way.

Garon Cummings Nedrick (born October 7, 1991), who`s stage name is Gwizzz, (pronounced G Wiz) is a MC from Petersburg (a historic city outside of Richmond), Virginia. Garon started with music at the age of 5 by playing the piano. Playing Nursery Rhymes on his toy keyboard, and even playing at his kindergarten graduation. Over his childhood years he grow more into music, including Rap and Hip-Hop. As he advanced with playing piano, he became more interest in rap music, listening to music that came out at the time in the 90s to early 2000s. Inspired by a lot of though's big rappers at that time (such a Eminem, Wu-Tang, Out Kast, and Cash Money Reords), he begain writing rap's at 11 years old. With that he would be more willing to be a rapper his self one day. And was getting better at his craft by writing in attempt to make songs, rap battling his peers, and gaining the ability to freestyle off the top of his head. 

All though Garon became very talented, life got harder for him. Growing up in a bad environment, Garon began to realize in the early ages of his childhood years the kind of neighborhood he lived in and saw that the music he hear reflects what he see and experience. Fighting around his neighborhood and his school (witch was in his neighborhood), Garon grow more and more brutal as he had to fight his peers to the point there he was double teamed multiple times because they couldn't handle him one on one. Along with being bullied by older kids as he tries to fight them back too. Down the line this results to crime and even more negativity upon him and his life gaining more enemies and less friends, fighting in and out of school, and as well as his family. As he felt that there we nothing for him in his city (in the Richmond area) in his early teens, Garon rap's and tries to make music to move out of Petersburg, Virginia.
But all though people saw his talent, there was still a lot of negativity as everybody wanted to be batter then everybody else, there for didn't want him to be anything in life. As people (and other rappers mostly from the area) tries to prove themselves better then him (in general as well), he fires back with more brutal lyrics. Despite of even more of the hate that it brings to him, he was careless about he enemies and kept pushing forward to pursue his dreams. Pushing his talent, he practices to rap about anything he could thing of, and in any different ways, including rapping and writing music about his surroundings. Even speed rapping, while using metaphors about any reality, but leaving no fiction, but be more for example.

 While in process now of building a bigger fan base, Garon got tired of his music having poor sound quality and the lack of listeners. Featuring on songs, music videos, movies, and using his money from his low pay day job with low cut hours to promote his music. With no producer or audio engineer that he can find and no budget for one, while refusing to be under the command of someone he studies how to do everything his self. Now that he’s recorded and pushed out more music, he now have music on his own website that he made, http// He releases multiple songs that he made and was featured on on his streaming and/or social media sites. In 2016, he puts together multiple songs that he wanted to do over or fix the sound quality on and just published it as a mixtape that he named "Rough Draft", (which was published the next year) theming the title on his songs witch were rough drafts, raw sound quality, or just unfinished. Working at Walmart, he began to feel like he was putting his music to the side. Not knowing how he was going to be consistent with his music while working 9 hours most days of the week and handling whatever he needed to handle outside of work, he look for ways to make money with music so that he wouldn’t have to work a day job. Him and he friends would work on there music a lot whenever he was off work. Such as making beats, recording, practicing how to mix & master even before he had the right equipment to do so, and even made enough beats to make as a beat tape named “World Wide Entertainment” (which also dropped the next year). 

After he was fired from Walmart, (where 1 of his music partners Kid Foe was hired soon after) with barley any money he published the mixtape “Rough Draft”, and began studying on how to mix & master. Gwizzz put his leftover money into Distributing “World Wide Entertainment Beat Tape” despite of sound quality, and that was also his beginning in learning the distributing and marketing part of things. “He released his first mixed & mastered song “Fuck It Up” in hopes for having it played in clubs but the bass was way too loud to play from the speakers. The next year in 2018, he put together a demo tape of unreleased music (“EXO Demo Tape”) and published “EXO Mixtape” (which features the song “Fuck It Up”), (and features artists Jay Q Sean, Aaron Mac, & Clout Drilla). The following year in 2019, would release multiple singles and another dome tape (Gwizzz Demo Tape) that consists of his top 3 best 2019 singles (like “Night Time” and “Nasty”) plus more. He featured in more music videos, and performed his music for the first time (in Chesapeake, Virginia).

Working on his craft, he learns other traits related to music (such as mixing and mastering), and unrelated to music. Garon is working to make a living doing what he loves and keep it interesting for him and his listeners. Just like a movie, he wants to keep the audience at the edge of there seats with his lyrics, sounds, and music. Fighting for a spot among the greatest rapper's (such as Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, or Nas), and other music artist's and musicians (like Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, or Earth Wind and Fire), he rap's, write's, and tries to record very day to get better. Working to get in and stay in, and to make a name for his self, team, and independent record label that he named, EXO in the music industry while inspiring and working with others along the way.

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