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  1. Rocksoft


Machete under the seat. Expired sticker in the windshield. Trying to duck police to make money if not I then kill.
I ain't from new York but I live the jungle son. And got to rumble without the tool and kill you, my hand are guns.
Grown men using guns to feel special, these special opp's ain't straight. My fist will flip you when I pistol whip you that's' how I operate.
I'm like a real operate, seal that kill for he hesitate. I'm the bomb, gun, trigger, steel, and the Green Beret.
Smoother then a ski on ice, -40 with the stash. Bladed rusty long machete, Jason Voorhees with the mask.
Its an ice cold game ill be a scorcher for the cash. A stick with automatic flames, that's some torcher for your ass.
So the casket be the back of the Chevy, body BOXED. Body bags in the a basket with the tags, BODYSHOP.
I'm Haitian, throw machetes and your ass, body chop. His limbs off like you claim to do my dread, TARGET LOCKED.
Like I'm using a AK, and its making your body rock. In the back of your chevralet, where you and you body rot.
Its a death match with me, so be prepared to live or die. Better off to shoot then sue, because your mission's suicide.
Hello, Aaahh shit. This dely. I got to punch line the whole thing. This shit's, fucking me up, throwing me off and shit.
Designed to hunt and kill. Beat a cunt and peel. Very savage.
Matherfucker's quick to shoot a gun I had to dodge the ratchet.
And the dodges with blue lights.
So hot you'll see mirages. Car to raggedy to swerve them, got to find in garages.
Midnight pitched black and so cold it wasn't funny. Night crawling throw the city picking lock looking for money.
I cant stand to do nothing with my life like I'm a zombie. If you hate me then get off you ass, quit sucked on your mommy.
If you see me keep that dumb shit to yourself, fuck your crying. If you try me might as well take all your anger out cause I am.
I got to get my rocks off. Or have a threesome with some oriental's unlit my rock soft. No knock ups or no knock offs.
I'm the type that'll flip a cop off if he's harassing me.
Don't give a fuck who your is just watch how your actions be.
You don't have a reason to be coming and attacking me.
So fuck if you come with bare knuckles or if your packing heat.