1. Nasty

Gwizzz - Nasty

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Song Nasty

Artist Gwizzz

Producer Gwizzz

Licensed to Gwizzz



Start outside with the weather in the red.

69 standing up. She can stand on her head.

Gun whip the cat with the dog and the led.

Bumpping and grinding on the wall fuck the bad.

Old barries beat rinkals out with the Iran.

Shorty horny give her what she desire.

Super soak her put her out like a fire.

Shorty so bad that I called her Moria.

She busting for the lue. That pussy just potting. Think I'm a mution. The last nigga bogus. Its me that she's focused on. I'm on some hoe shit. (repeat)

For play in the bad purch of the massion.

On the balcony, see the city expantion.

It not any romans its just me hoeing.

Beating that pussy up that its exploding.

I'm not going to stop there ima keep going.

Bead it up for a long time that its glowing.

Got her so open in her jeags and its showing.

Shorty so wet like a river its flowing.

She got more friends 3 sum to a 4 sum.

Know how to twerk with my dick in her torsoe.

Slob on my on knob live her with a sore throat.

All of you can get it I don't need any narco.

Im coolest dude you ever seen, no camarsal.

Make the other 1s look like Steve Ercal.

Do all those move that you do in rehersal.

Throw it back like Timberlands and a fure coat.

(2nd Verses)

Now that you know I'm the man in the badroom.

Wont fuck in the car so we get head room.

Drop it on my dick ass jeggle and wobble.

Sucking and slorp with her toung and she bobble.

Bust on her face it can knock off golgols.

Mouth got a taste so much she can goggle.

Can't even swallow shell dround.

Eat like a tarky neck. All this dick you can gargle.

Ride like a soldier boss shit she ranking.

Sex in her eyes aint no telling what shes thinking.

Everybody in the car smoking and drinking.

To the hotel pulled up in a Linkon.

Pulled me in the room so quick without blinking.

Saw me coming in so there already inking.

Making them think I'm a fly guy, in a villain.

Dick all up in her atomic and she feel it.